Introducing Pepe Evolve
Your Daily Dose of Pepe Adventure
on Binance Smart Chain!

Prepare for an electrifying journey with Pepe Evolve, the game-changing token launching on the Binance Smart Chain. Dive into a captivating world of digital collectibles and experience the magic of Pepe like never before!


A fresh chance every day

As a logged-in user, you have the opportunity to reroll every day and obtain a new Pepe from a collection of 1-99 different designs. Each reroll offers a random chance to score any Pepe, with higher-ranked Pepes paying out more daily rewards. The thrill of the hunt awaits!


Vibrant, exclusive designs

Our skilled artists have produced a diverse array of striking, exclusive Pepe designs, each carrying its own character and attributes. Whether you're a casual collector or a dedicated Pepe enthusiast, there's always something new and exciting to discover.


Profit from your Pepes

Every Pepe in your collection generates daily Pepe Cash, creating a passive income stream that grows as your Pepe's rank increases. Embrace the challenge, reroll daily, and watch your fortune skyrocket with Pepe Evolve!


10% Buy and Sell Fee
2% Liquidity Pool
2% USDT Rewards
2% Developing
4% Marketing

* Decreases to 4% Buy and 4% Sell Fee after 1 week after launch

100,000,000,000 Total Token Supply
52% Presale
25% Liquidity(51% ratio)
52% burn


Phase 1
- Launch on Pinksale
- Launch on Dex
- Start Dapp - Allow Users to earn Pepe rewards
- Buy Competition

Phase 2
- List on CoinMarketCap
- List on CoinGecko
- List on 1 top Cex
- Longest holder reward! - Big reward!

Phase 3
- Dapp 2.0 Gamified - New adventures, more rewards
- List on 1 top Cex
- Longest holder reward! - Big reward!

Phase 4
- List on 2 top Cex
- Longest holder reward! - Big reward!